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May 23 / Jeremy

The Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast

I have received a lot of questions lately about what people should be eating when they are trying to lose weight and going back through my blog posts I have realized that I haven’t provided much info on this subject.  Well, this post will change that.  Below I will outline the best diet to lose weight fast that will ensure you not only lose weight, but will make sure the weight is lost from your stored fat and not from muscle or water loss.

The Weight Loss Formula:

Anyone who has downloaded our free eBook on weight loss will be familiar with this formula: Continue reading “The Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast” »

Jan 25 / Jeremy & Kim

The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health

I have a short post for you today.  Please watch the video below.  This was created by Dr. Mike Evens. In the video he will explain the single best thing you can do for your health and he will discuss the research that supports his answer.  We couldn’t agree more.


So what are you waiting for? Surely you can find 30 minutes in every day to do the one thing that will have the single greatest impact on your health.

Jan 24 / Jeremy

How to Maintain Weight Loss

I recently read an article titled, The Fat Trap, in the New York Times.  Anyone that follows us on Facebook knows that I am not a big fan of most of what I read on the New York Times when it comes to fat loss, and this article is really no exception.  The biggest reason I am not a fan of the article is because there is a defeatist attitude about maintaining weight loss that is pervasive throughout the entire article.  Even when the author discusses people who have successfully maintained their weight loss for years, the explanation of all they have to go through to achieve this end leaves you feeling exhausted.  Sure, the author tries to put a positive bent in certain places, but overall, most people will walk away from this article feeling like their dream of losing weight and keeping it off will never happen.  Way to go New York Times.  Once again you have undercut the potential of humanity by planting seeds of defeatism into the noble goal of losing weight and regaining one’s health.

Surprisingly, this article is full of extremely useful information and with an adjustment of attitude this article could have been a great source of information on how to maintain weight loss. Since the New York Times has failed to give you this more helpful perspective, I thought it appropriate for the Self Health Atlas to give you some advice on how best to maintain your weight loss. Continue reading “How to Maintain Weight Loss” »

Nov 15 / Jeremy

Using Cheat Days to Accelerate Fat Loss

Anyone who has ever tried to implement a restrictive diet in order to lose weight knows how difficult it can be to always follow the rules.  It is tough sticking with a diet program that never lets you enjoy your favorite foods or allows you to participate fully in the holiday season or weekend barbecues.  This is one of the reasons why we are big fans of cheat days when it comes to dieting.  Cheat days are a great way to help you stick with a diet program because they allow you one day a week where you can take a break from the restrictive rules and enjoy your favorite foods.  Not only is this great psychologically, but, as it turns out, cheat days are a great way to accelerate fat loss.  Surprised? So was I when I first learned about this neat trick.  Even though I had experienced this phenomenon before, I didn’t understand the science behind how it worked until I read the recently released 24/7 Fat Loss program.

[Keep reading to learn how eating pizza can accelerate your fat loss.]

My Cheat Day Story Continue reading “Using Cheat Days to Accelerate Fat Loss” »

Oct 27 / Jeremy

How To Do A Pull Up – Technique and Progression

The pull up is one of the best exercises for building size, tone, and strength in your back.  Unfortunately, it can also be one of the more frustrating exercises since many people get discouraged with how long it can take to develop enough strength to complete even one pull up, let alone high repetitions of pull ups.  Below we will look at the reasons why you need pull ups in your workout routine, and we will provide strategies for helping you achieve your first pull up.

[Listen to JT sing about bringing sexy back while we teach you how to build one.]

Why Pull Ups need to be Part of Your Workout Routine Continue reading “How To Do A Pull Up – Technique and Progression” »

Oct 17 / Jeremy

What Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

One of the first questions people ask themselves when they decide to lose weight and get in shape is, “what exercise burns the most calories?”  This is a good question and one which we will provide the answer to in this post, but we are also going to discuss other extremely important factors to keep in mind when exercising to lose weight, such as, how to tailor your workouts so that you maximize fat burning and not just calorie burning.  We will also discuss how to use the Eat Stop Eat method to burn a whole workout worth of fat without actually having to workout at all.  Sound impossible?  Keep reading.

What Exercise Burns the Most Calories? Continue reading “What Exercise Burns the Most Calories?” »

Oct 4 / Jeremy

How to Increase Reps in Your Pull Up Workout

The number one factor in increasing the number of reps you can complete in your pull up workout is repetition and consistency.  We will discuss some plateau busting techniques below, but nothing is as important as repetition and consistency.  If you want to increase the number of pull ups that you can do then you need to do pull ups as often as possible.  At a minimum you should complete a pull up workout three times per week doing two sets for each workout.  An alternate method is to do one set of pull ups six days a week.  Both methods have proven successful it just depends on how often you can complete a pull up workout.

Determining Your Rep Range for Your Pull Up Workouts Continue reading “How to Increase Reps in Your Pull Up Workout” »

Sep 9 / Jeremy

Mastering the One Arm Push-up

From time-to-time when I feel the need to provide myself with a new challenge I will identify a test of strength and begin working towards mastering that skill.  Lately, when I have needed inspiration I grab my copy of Convict Conditioning and pick one of the “6 Ultimate Measures of a True Man.” Right now I am working towards mastering the one arm push-up.  Below I will describe the process I am using to develop the necessary strength and I will discuss proper one arm push-up technique.  By following these steps you, too, will be able to master the one arm push-up.

[Yes, I know he is not doing a one arm push-up. Pretend he is just getting warmed up.]

One Arm Push-up Technique Continue reading “Mastering the One Arm Push-up” »

Aug 26 / Jeremy & Kim

Weight Loss Calculator – BMI, BMR, and Daily Calorie Needs

There are a lot of ways to calculate the number of daily calories you need in order to lose weight.   If you have tried to do some research online then you may have gotten confused by all of the acronyms and options out there.  Should you calculate your BMR or your BMI and what do they mean?  How do you calculate your body fat percentage?  How much body fat should you have anyway? If you are curious about what this all means and how to do these calculations then keep reading.  We have you covered. We will describe the purpose and meaning behind each acronym and calculation and we will take all the work out of it by providing an easy-to-use online calculator.

All-in-One Weight Loss Calculator:

Continue reading “Weight Loss Calculator – BMI, BMR, and Daily Calorie Needs” »

Aug 17 / Jeremy

Protein for Muscle Building

It is well known and widely accepted that protein is essential for muscle building and is therefore considered an extremely important macro-nutrient when lifting weights for muscle gain.  However, how much protein a person needs to build muscle is highly debated.  Below we will discuss various protein intake recommendations made by experts and experienced muscle builders and we’ll provide guidance on how to decide which approach is best for you.

The Role of Protein in Muscle Building Continue reading “Protein for Muscle Building” »