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Oct 20 / Jeremy & Kim

Diet & Exercise | Batman & Robin

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You wouldn’t try to play golf without clubs.  You wouldn’t try to drive your car without fuel.  You wouldn’t play a guitar that didn’t have strings.  And you shouldn’t try to lose weight by dieting without exercise.

You see, diet and exercise are just like Batman and Robin.  Individually they can both battle evil and have some success, but together they are an unstoppable force striking fear into even the most sinister of villains.  The same is true for diet and exercise.

[See!  Even in those tights, together, they are unstoppable.  POW!  KAZZAAM!]

Sure you can just go on diet if you want to lose weight.  Change the types and amount of foods you eat and you will probably lose some weight eventually, but there are many problems with this approach.  Without exercise, you have to reduce your caloric intake quite substantially which may make you feel like you are constantly fighting hunger pains.  With few distractions at your disposal you will be fighting the mental battle of your life.

Or, you could choose to exercise and not worry about your diet.  You can hit the gym for a couple hours every day going to war with your daily caloric intake.  You might lose some weight eventually, but the battle will never stop because, well, you do have to eat every day and you’re never quite sure how many calories you have to fight off in order to win.

Combine diet and exercise for the most effective fat loss

I know this is not ground breaking information, but it is the bedrock for taking control of your health.  You need to educate yourself about healthy diet and exercise. Then you need to integrate them both into your lifestyle so that they become life habits.  Combined they will accelerate your fat loss.  Combined they will improve your physique.  Combined they significantly increase your chances of reaching your health and fitness goals.  Combined, you will become an unstoppable fat burning machine.

So which one is the sidekick?

In every infamous duo somebody has to be the side kick.  One of the two never quite gets it right, one isn’t quite as strong, and one of them never gets the girl. So in the dynamic duo of diet and exercise, which one is Robin?  Which one, on its own, isn’t quite as effective at burning fat?  You might be surprised, but the truth is, in this duo, exercise is definitely the side kick.  Think about the examples of each of them working alone above.  If you are able to overcome the mental battle of sever caloric reduction then you stand a good chance to lose weight.  However, if you simply try to run off your calories at the gym without paying attention to your diet, you will probably be fighting a losing battle.  Burning 500 calories each gym session is not going to lead to weight loss if consume 3,000 calories per day.  Not to mention that simply eating 500 calories less per day takes a lot less time than trying to burn 500 calories with exercise every day. Holy waste of time, Batman!

Remember, the most effective and sustainable way to lose weight, get in shape, and take control of your health is by using both diet and exercise.  KAPOWWW!!!

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  1. Raymond-ZenMyFitness / Oct 21 2010

    Excellent way you laid out the reality of losing weight … most people me included thought “well I better lose some weight and go for a long long run” but if I focused On diet first with exercise a close second my life would have been much easier.

    • Jeremy & Kim / Oct 22 2010

      That is exactly right, Raymond. We are just as guilty as you are of making this mistake. Once we learned the truth, fat loss and weight control have become so much easier.

  2. / Oct 22 2010

    Great post – I actually combined diet and exercise today and had a great experience. Stopped eating yesterday at 6pm, fasted all day, ran for about 40 minutes including 15 minutes tempo and then had a light dinner. Because I ran in a fasted state I was primed for fat loss and had the adrenaline to really go.

    • Jeremy & Kim / Oct 22 2010

      That sounds like a great workout, Darren. Awesome tactics. A great use of fasting to burn fat. We always work out in a fasted state, because we do our workouts at 6 AM. Nothing like cranking up the HGH levels first thing in the morning and then letting your body burn fat all day long! Keep working hard!

  3. Very fun, well written article. I completely agree that diet and exercise are both important and also agree that exercise is unfortunately Robin.

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