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Oct 11 / Jeremy & Kim

Fasting for Fat Loss

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Fasting for fat loss

I find it interesting that something so prevalent in human cultures around the world can incite such a negative response when it is used as a mechanism to achieve fat loss goals.  When someone says that they are fasting for a religious holiday people are very accepting, in fact many people are impressed and automatically respect the will power and religious conviction that the person fasting is able to achieve.  But, if I tell someone that I am fasting for fat loss they’ll probably roll their eyes at me or go on a tirade about how unhealthy starving yourself to death is just to lose a few pounds.   Interesting, isn’t it.  For the religious it is respected and admired.  For someone trying to lose fat it is stupid and dangerous.

What we want the readers of this blog to understand is this:

Fasting is a great tool for helping you reach your fat loss goals.In fact, there are numerous, well documented health benefits for people who go through an occasional fasting period, often referred to as intermittent fasting or IF for short.  The most well recognized expert on fasting in the fitness industry right now is Brad Pilon.  Brad wrote his dissertation on the effects of fasting on the human body.  He then turned his dissertation into a phenomenal book and diet methodology called EatStopEat.  This book was just recently updated and will tell you everything you need to know about how your body reacts to intermittent fasting and how you can use this information to reach your fat loss goals.  If you are serious about incorporating fasting into your diet plan I strongly recommend investing in this book.

Here are just some of the benefits of fasting for fat loss:

  • Significantly reduced insulin levels allowing your body to burn more fat
  • Significantly increases HGH which releases your fat cells as an energy source for your body
  • Reduces harmful inflammation
  • Improves the health of your digestive system
  • Can reduce your weekly caloric intake by as much as 20%
  • Saves money on your weekly grocery bill

With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you try to incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle from time to time?  If done correctly, you will not be starving yourself.  Following Brad’s EatStopEat method you will eat at least one meal on the day(s) that you are fasting, and you will reduce your caloric intake for the week allowing you to stress a bit less about your calories on the days you are not fasting. I’ve found this method of fasting has really helps accelerate fat loss and it has helped me lose fat when I feel like my fat loss is beginning to plateau.

Please do not go overboard with this.

There is a reason it is called intermittent fasting, and you’ll notice that the word ‘eat’ is in the title of Brad’s book twice while ‘stop’ is only mentioned once.  You always need to be sure that you are consuming sufficient calories for your body to remain fully functional and healthy.  You will achieve your weight loss goals over time.  Fasting more than twice a week is unnecessary and could result in deteriorating health.  Putting excessive strain on your body will not result in healthy long-term weight loss, so please follow the advice of your doctor and experts like Brad Pilon when incorporating intermittent fasting into your diet routine.

Let us know if you have used fasting for weight loss in the comments section below.

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