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Feb 7 / Jeremy & Kim

A More Effective Cardio Workout

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Cardio workouts have always been one of the most popular methods people choose when they want to lose weight.  Unfortunately, most people simply throw on their jogging shoes, head out the door, and do a slow, steady-state jog anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  This is simply not the best cardio for weight loss.  However, if you really love doing long runs, then we have come across a way to make these workouts much more effective.  Below we’re going to outline steps you can take to accelerate fat burning and have a more effective cardio workout.

workout routines for women[The simple strategy we tell you about below will help you burn a lot more fat while taking long runs through the the grassy fields!]

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  1. Hey guys,

    I’ve been using this technique for a while now and have found it to be really effective. I think if more people used cardio like this they would get much better results, and in a lot less time. Great post.

  2. Raymond-ZenMyFitness / Feb 8 2011

    I like to use this method as well I find it works the best for me but as Hiit uses ATP and glucose first since its very anaerobic (it doesn’t use a lot of calories at this point) then it relies on the EPOC to burn the rest of the calories but if can keep the pace up and add in steady state which is aerobic and uses mostly fat as energy, the mobilised fat is really consumed up.
    Therefore it is a great way to work out.

  3. Rumiana / Feb 15 2011

    I use HIIT a lot, I like how I feel breathless after pushing very hard in intense interval. When I started after a couple of months I increased my oxygen capacity and strength, yea I found that I have more strength in my resistance workout.

  4. HIIT is definitely the best way to go, especially for someone short on time. The 12 week program outlined in Visual Impact is top notch.

  5. Louis / May 23 2011

    Love hiit! A lot funnier and better than just running IMO

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