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Mar 23 / Jeremy & Kim

The Only Fast Weight Loss Diet

Intermittent FastingThere are a million different companies out there trying to sell you the next ‘magic pill’ when it comes to fast weight loss.  New fad diets are constantly popping up online and in the news.  Well, we are going to do something we call spitting truth.  When it comes to weight loss, less food is always the answer.  No, you do not need to be taking hunger suppressants or eating fifty grapefruits per day.  No, you don’t have to switch to a no-fat diet or a high-protein diet.  You simply need to eat less.  The only question you need to ask yourself is this: What is the best way for me to ensure I eat less?  Below we are going to describe what, in our opinion, is healthiest and most sustainable way to lose fat.  It is the only fast weight loss diet you ever need to know.  Note: the emphasis on ‘fast’ is important.

Hmmm…that is interesting…

Here is an interesting question:  How come every new weight loss diet on the market focuses all of its strategy on what you should eat?  Remember what we said above.  Weight loss is all about eating less.  It is about NOT eating.  So then, why do diets put so much emphasis on eating?

Here is an interesting fact: A lot of the money that funds nutritional research comes from food and supplement companies.  They fund specific research in order to get tidbits of information that they can turn into a marketing pitch that will convince you to buy their latest food/supplement product.

Here is another interesting fact:  Almost all diets are based on theories.  NOT cold, hard, scientific facts.  This is an important distinction.  A lot of scientific research results in the development or refining of theories.  Rarely do they ever come to scientific conclusions.  When research is not conclusive, people try to identify links, connections, and correlations.  These “links” then become sound bites used by marketers to sell new products.  Unfortunately, cold, hard facts are rarely as influential as sound bites.

But the diet did work for a little while…

The truth is many of the diets out there will work for at least a little while.  If they didn’t work at all then they would make a lot less money.  But ask yourself what it is about each new fad diet that works.  They all work because they all find some way to get you to consume fewer calories.  If they can get you to do that then they can get you to lose weight.  The bigger problem with these diets is how long they can get you to lose weight.

Diets are overly restrictive

They all work for awhile, but they all rely on strict adherence to rules.  Eat this.  Do not eat that.  Eat only so much of this.  Drink this much of that.  Eat only what we send you in a box.  Use this giant spreadsheet to determine what else you can eat today.   Sound familiar?

In order for these diets to be successful you have to bend your entire life around adhering to strict dietary rules.  They work at first because you are motivated and determined to lose weight.  This motivation allows you to follow the rules for a while, but eventually the diet interferes with your life and your motivation starts to wan.  The rules can only be followed for so long.  Of course, by that point the diet company already has your money, and after all, it was your lack of will power, not their product that prevented you from losing weight. Right?

Introducing the only fast weight loss diet

The answer is yes.  There is a weight loss plan that allows you to eat all of your favorite foods, allows you to enjoy the holidays, happy hours, and events, allows you to create a caloric deficit without having to follow an extremely restrictive diet.  It is called intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting can be practiced in many ways, but is most often used by fasting for a 24 hours period.  What is nice about this is you still get to eat a full meal every day.  If you eat dinner at 7:00 pm before starting a fast, then you would wait until 7:30pm or 8:00pm the following day before eating again.   Intermittent fasting is basically taking some time off from food a couple times a week so that your body reaches the fasted state.  In the fasted state your body has used up all of its food calories and must rely on stored fat for energy.  And before you even say it, know that one 24 hour fast state does NOT slow down your metabolism.  It does NOT cause your body to start breaking down your muscles.  These are myths that have been debunked by true science.  These notions arose out of the theoretical sounds bites we discussed above.

[Watch this video to learn how a 24 hour fast burns more calories than intense exercise]

By completing a 24 hour fast twice per week you can reduce your weekly caloric intake by as much as 20%.  This is a significant reduction that will lead to long-term weight loss.  Once you reach your target weight, you can often reduce your fasting to only once per week in order to maintain your weight indefinitely.  If you have a high calorie week due to a holiday or a bowl game, then simply add a fasting day back into your schedule for that week.  This method is extremely effective and actually quite liberating because you can still eat whatever you want when you are not fasting.  No restrictions, no cumbersome rules.

Eat Stop EatIf you are interested in learning more about how to use intermittent fasting for weight loss then we highly recommend that you check out Brad Pilon’s book, Eat Stop Eat.  This is the definitive guide to intermittent fasting.  Brad breaks dieting down to the cold, hard facts and debunks a number of myths related to fasting and fat loss.  Simply click the book to the right and you’ll be taken to Brad’s website where he’ll introduce you to his definitive fast weight loss diet.


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  1. Great article on dieting.

    From the looks of it the dieting fad time of year is starting to kick in with summer just around the corner.

    You are right diets are too restrictive and they can be a temporary solution when a good workout program is not part of the equation.

    However, I am with you on the Eat Stop Eat method. The program is very easy to follow and is not restrictive. It really is for anyone and does give results.


  2. Raymond-ZenMyFitness / Mar 25 2011

    For sure I agree the answer is to eat less but its the path you choose to get there will make it work or not.
    I believe fasting is the easiest option and probably the fastest … of course there are other methods so maybe fasting isn’t for everyone but it’s the first thing I recommend to anyone to at least try it.
    It’s so effective, the other extreme people get fanatical about it and start to say fast everyday ..but its one of many tools to use.

  3. Definitely agree with this one, I used to method on my way to dropping some 40lbs. The funny (at least now) thing is that I really felt as though I had tried everything. From six meals a day to low carb and nutrient cycling. Yet the last thing I ever would of thought of was to just NOT eat.

    I guess that goes to show just how successful the dieting industry has been at making something so simple so complicated, and costly, for those of us trying to lose weight.


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