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Jun 16 / Jeremy

The Best Ab Workout for Men – My Six Pack Program

If you are like millions of other men around the world then you have always dreamed of what it would be like to have six pack abs. It is surprising that this dream, shared by so many, is achieved by so few. From my experience the number one factor preventing men from achieving six pack abs is their diet. You simply have to get your body fat under 10% of your total body weight. But it would be false to suggest that you only need to diet and not exercise your ab muscles in order to get a great six pack. Below I am going to lay out the best ab workout for men. It is a six pack program that is guaranteed to show you results if you work hard, stick with it, and get your body fat percentage below 10%. Oh, and the best part, this six pack program is completely FREE!

The Best Ab Workout for Men – Abs Blueprint 1.0

You read that right. The best ab workout for men is online, downloadable, and completely free. It is called Abs Blueprint 1.0 and it was developed by Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book fame. When you download this 45 page ebook you will learn about the only six exercises you need to get six pack abs and the one exercise you need to know to ensure that you do not hurt your back in your quest for washboard abs. Rusty then gives you the actual workouts he and his workout partners have used to achieve a great set of six pack abs. The best part about this program (in fact ALL of Rusty’s programs) is that he will teach you how to tweak the workouts so that you can develop the best ab workout to meet your needs. He lays out the different variables to an ab workout, explains when to use low rep versus high rep training, and when to use fast rep versus slow rep training. He calls it a blueprint for a reason. This is the best ab workout for men because it shows you how to tailor the six pack program to ensure you get results.

The Abs Blueprint 1.0 – Deep Abs Level 2 Workout:

1. Feet-to-the-Bar Bent Leg Raises – 5 sets/10 reps
2. Leg Raise Burnouts – 5 sets to failure
3. Swinging Side-to-Side Bent Knee Ups – 1 set to failure
4. Renegade Rows – 5 sets/3 reps
5. Ab Wheel Roll-Outs – 2 sets/2-3 minutes of roll-&-hold
6. Hip or Back Bridges – 5 minutes

This is an example of one of the most elite ab workouts in the blueprint. Do not worry if it seems too difficult. Rusty will show you alternate exercises that will help you build strength in your abs and you will eventually work your way up to this elite workout. If you are not familiar with some of the exercises then check out the videos below. You can get the full exercise and workout description when you pick up Abs Blueprint 1.0.

The Best Ab Workout for Men – The Abs Blueprint Exercises

Hanging Leg Raises: The hanging leg raise is one of the most important exercises of the Abs Blueprint 1.0.  There are several variations of the exercise depending on your fitness level starting with knee ups and going all the way to the feet-to-the-bar bent leg raises.  Rusty will also teach you a neat abs burnout leg raise exercise that will help you achieve that v-shaped muscle below your abs.

[This is a short video that gives you good examples of various leg raises.]

Planks: Planks are often overlooked in ab workouts for men. This is unfortunate as they are one of the best ab exercises for creating dense, rock hard abs.  Rusty has a few variations of this exercise as well and he’ll also show you a way to do a burnout plank workout that I love.

The Ab Wheel Roll-Outs: An ab wheels are simple, portable piece of exercise equipment that will really strengthen your core.  In Abs Blueprint 1.0 you will learn how to use the ab wheel in a way that is more like a modified plank.  This roll-and-hold method will seriously challenge you to man up!  If you don’t have one yet, try this one out: Ab Wheel

[Watch this video for some good tips on how to get started with an ab wheel.]

Renegade Rows: Though not well known they are also a great exercise for firming your mid-section. They also hit your obliques harder than most spine bending oblique exercises usually recommended in ab programs. Proper form is important here. Check out the video below to get a few tips and see a good example of form.

[This is Yavor from Relative Strength Advantage. He’s got other great videos on his blog you should check out.]

Abs Blueprint 1.0 – My Six Pack Program


As you can see from the videos, these ab exercise can be extremely challenging; however, following Rusty Moore’s Abs Blueprint 1.0 program you will be able to find the perfect workout for your current level of fitness and then be able to strengthen and develop your abdominal muscles to the point where you will achieve the six pack that you have always wanted.  Who knew that the best ab workout for men would turn out to be the one that is free.  Go ahead and download it right now.

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  1. I really love Abs Blueprint. As soon as I saw the introductory video from the Facebook page from Fitness Black Book I knew it would be worth checking out. The video alone has so much information and the follow up companion videos for Abs Blueprint really are awesome. Plus it’s all FREE!


  2. Jeremy & Kim / Jun 20 2011

    @Sam – You are absolutely right. We didn’t mention the videos in our post, but there is a lot more free content in the videos that Rusty has put together for people who get his Abs Blueprint 1.0. I’m glad you mentioned them in your comment.

  3. The Underwear Body / Jun 20 2011

    I think I’d heard about this one, but I am definitely going to have to check it out. Good to see there is not a sit-up in sight too!


  4. Jeremy & Kim / Jun 22 2011

    @Michael – Definitely go grab your free copy. No sit ups so you know it is a legit ab program right there. For anyone who doesn’t know, sit ups are terrible for your back and are actually extremely ineffective at working your abdominal muscles. The exercises outline above are much more effective.

  5. It’s definitely a great program and well worth the free download. It gave me a lot of great ideas on how to tweak my own abs program. The follow-up videos are useful as well for anyone looking to get lean.

  6. nicolas / Nov 16 2011

    very nice blog…. congratulation! thanks for the info

  7. Greg / Jul 13 2012

    I think everyone would like to have a six pack, but not everyone knows how to get one!
    If you are thinking to yourself: I want six pack abs, your site has great information
    to get those six pack abs.

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