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Jun 23 / Jeremy & Kim

The Best Workout Programs for Building Muscle

If you are looking to purchase a weight training program but are not sure which one to choose then you are in the right place.  In this post we are going to introduce you to the two best workout programs for building muscle and we will help you decide which one is right for you.  Why are we discussing two options and not just telling you which one is the best?  Simply put, the best muscle building workout program for you depends on why you are weight training in the first place, and the two programs we will outline below are targeting people with different goals.

NOTE: This post is targeted toward men.  If you are female then you can find our recommendation for you here: Visual Impact for Women

The Two Best Workout Programs for Building Muscle

If you have explored our blog then you know that we highly recommend Visual Impact Muscle Building.  We believe this to be one of the best muscle building programs on the market today, and Jeremy has seen the potential for this program first hand.  You can read more about his experience with this program here: J’s Current Workout.  But it is important to note that this program may not align with everyone’s training goals.  Visual Impact is designed to help men achieve a specific look, the lean, well defined, Hollywood look.  It is not designed to help you achieve the bulk and size of a bodybuilder.

[Visual Impact will help you get a body like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.]

If you are more interested in a weight training program that will help you build massive muscles to achieve more of a bodybuilder-type look, then we recommend Muscle Gaining Secrets.  Though we do not have firsthand experience with this program we did download the program because good friends and trusted colleagues of ours have had great success with this program and we wanted to check it out to see what it was all about.  We can now tell you that we are not only impressed with the gains achieved by people we know but we are also glad to see that this program is jam packed with great information on how to effectively build muscle.

The Content:

Each program if fully downloadable the instant you make the purchase.  Each of them will provide you with tons of content on what it takes to build muscle and lose fat.  There approaches are different mostly because their endgame is different, but they also vary in how they expect you to interact with their content.

Visual Impact Muscle Building is a full six month, three-phase program complete with exercises, sets, and repetition ranges.  This program will educate you on what it takes to achieve a Hollywood body including diet advice and a cardio program designed to help you get ultra lean.   One of our favorite aspects of this program is that it does a great job of teaching how muscles respond to various stimuli such as number of sets, repetition ranges, and rest time.  After teaching about muscle building, the author, Rusty Moore, then encourages you to tweak the given program to meet your specific needs.  This is a unique approach and one we find empowering for weight lifters.

Muscle Gaining Secrets also provides a ton of great content, including a full program that starts with a three  phase section for beginner  and then moves on to intermediate and advanced weight lifting phases.  Combined, the whole program will carry you through a full 12 months of weight training.  Jason Ferruggia, the author, also provides detailed content on how to use cardio to prevent fat gain and he provides quite of a bit of information on eating to build muscle.  A key difference, however, is that Muscle Gaining Secrets was developed as a very specific program meant to be followed exactly as it is laid out.  Ferruggia has over 20 years of training experience and he draws on this experience to give you a very specific program that has been proven to work with his clients.  The author clearly states that his program was developed to be followed as is and he strongly discourages you from making any adjustments when implementing the program.

[Muscle Gaining Secrets will get you jacked like Dwayne Johnson. Watch him tear it up in the gym in this video.]

High Volume vs. Low Volume

Another importance difference between the two programs is the workout volume prescribed in each program.  Visual Impact Muscle Building leans towards a high volume of training to build muscle whereas Muscle Building Secrets is a surprisingly low volume training approach.  From my personal experience as well as the experience of others, both methods are very effective.  Where this comes into play in deciding which program is right for you is when considering how much time you are able to commit to training.  Two of the three phases of Visual Impact Muscle Building are high volume and I found it very difficult to complete each workout as explained in less than 60 minutes.  Muscle Gaining Secrets, on the other hand, is specifically designed as a low volume approach that will allow you to complete your weight training workout in 30-45 minutes.

The Cost of the Best Workout Programs for Building Muscle

These are two best workout programs for building muscle.  When you purchase one or both of these programs you will get hundreds of pages of great content teaching you how to build muscle, use cardio to get lean, and how to eat to achieve the body you want.  Both programs include multiple training phases which could be repeated as often as you like for as long as you like, and both programs have generated fantastic results time and time again.  It is a onetime cost that will entitle you to lifetime updates, and the cost of both of these programs is significantly less than what you would pay a trainer at the gym.  Heck, there is a good chance the cost of these programs is less than the shoes you wear to the gym.

As of the date of this post Visual Impact Muscle Building is $30 less than Muscle Gaining Secrets, but it is more important that the program you choose is in line with your intended goals than it is that you save a few bucks so be sure you know what you want to achieve before pulling the trigger.

All you need to do is decide which one is most in line with your reason for weight training in the first place.  Are you looking to achieve the lean Hollywood look or are you looking to put on more poundage and make your muscles bulge?  Are you looking for a program that will allow you to get in and out of the gym in 45 minutes or less?  Do you want a prescribed program to be followed word for word or would you rather have the option to tweak the program to meet specific needs?  Or do you want to just buy them both and then know you will have all of the information you will ever need to build the body you have always wanted?

Once you’ve made up your mind about which muscle building workout program is best for you simply click the appropriate ebook below and start your new program today!

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  1. Jeremy & Kim / Jun 23 2011

    If you have used either program let us know in the comments how well they have worked for you. This may help others to decide which is best for them.

  2. Raymond-ZenMyFitness / Jun 23 2011

    I have used both programs and both as you indicate are entirely different in workouts and result.
    VI – i had very good success in hardening up and getting definition but I didn’t increase mush in size but if you are after a lean muscular look then its the program to use.
    MGS – Its a very low volume program focusing on all the big lifts and presses, I did grow in size with this one, its great for building mass and strength.
    But I will say I tend to eat in very low calories so most times I was in a deficit for both programs which is never ideal for increasing size.
    I simply recommend both as a complete program. I would use MGS first off to put on size (if that is a goal) then use VI to create major definition and get ripped and look like a hollywood action guy! (if that’s your goal).

    • Jeremy & Kim / Jun 24 2011

      Thank you for your input, Raymond. We agree that these two programs do seem to complement each other very well. We’re glad to hear you’ve had success with both.

      It is true that you need to eat to build muscle, but we still think most programs over do it. Eat enough to grow, but if you are just putting on fat then you can cut it back a little.

  3. The Underwear Body / Jun 28 2011

    I’m in the Visual Impact camp since I think the lean and toned look is more desirable. My experience with a lot of body-building type programs is that they also tend to come with a pretty clear eating plan: as in eat, a lot.

    You have to be careful to be sure that the weight you gain is all muscle, otherwise you are going to have to fight to get rid of the fat when you get around to wanting to look good!


    • Jeremy & Kim / Jun 29 2011

      That is a good point, Michael. We agree that you usually do not need to eat nearly as much as bodybuilding programs and websites claim that you do. It has been our experience that you need to eat enough to make sure your muscles have the building blocks they need to grow, but any more then that will just turn to fat.

  4. I’m a fan of Visual Impact but read Jason’s blog as well. I’m tempted to buy his product because I’m sure it’s packed full of top notch tips. However, I really like to do my own thing and create my own routine. Some people like structure but I like flexibility to exercise on my own terms which is why I’d lean toward Visual Impact. Nice comparison of two top notch programs.

  5. alex / Jul 11 2011

    I think both programs work perfectly, for me, the real point is how to adjust your weight depending on how much you want to grow your muscles and that goes on the diet.
    We are what we eat and of course what we workout

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