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Welcome to the Self Health Atlas!  We are glad that you are here and we look forward to helping you map out your path to a healthier lifestyle.

Jeremy & Kim

Wine tasting in San Francisco.

We are doing our best to make healthy lifestyle choices that will enable us to live a long, productive life that is filled with fun, adventure, and fulfillment. Jeremy was raised as a corn-fed Iowa farm boy. Kim grew up in South Carolina where everything is fried including the Thanksgiving turkey. We both come from different backgrounds that have led to a wide range of health and fitness challenges, which we are working together to overcome.

We believe the best way to lose weight, be fit, and enjoy life is to incorporate healthy diet and exercise habits into your lifestyle year-round as opposed to putting yourself through a strict, temporary regiment to lose a few pounds before summer. Our tips will make you look great in that swimsuit whether you need to put it on at the pool in July or at a beach in Mexico in February.

We also believe that there are many ways for you to reach your goals and the best person to decide what is best for you is…well…YOU!  That is why we are developing the Self Health Atlas.  You see, maps don’t provide you with exact directions (unless your map happens to be named Tom Tom), they simply show you all the possible roads you could take and you decide which route is best for you.  Maybe you want to take the quickest and most direct route, or maybe you’re looking for the longer, more scenic route.  Either way, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to plan out the route that helps you achieve your health and fitness goals.  We want to empower you so that you can take control of your health.

We know there is a ton of information on the internet about health and fitness, but we’ll streamline the best and most important information you need to know in a well organized, easy-to-read format.  Our goal is to do the research and explore all of the conflicting information out there on the internet and to tell you straight what works, what doesn’t work, what might work depending on your situation, and how you can tailor exercise and diets to fit your lifestyle.

We wish you the best of luck as you travel down your path to a healthy lifestyle.  We hope you’ll send us a few postcards in our comments section along the way.

Jeremy & Kim

The Self Health Atlas: mapping your route to a healthy life!

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  1. Yavor / Nov 11 2010

    Hi guys, great meeting you! Looking forward to reading about you and your adventures 🙂


  2. Rich / Mar 18 2011

    loving the articles. please contact me about republishing your articles.

  3. Jonathan | WorldOfDiets / Jan 25 2012

    Hi Jeremy and Kim,

    You’ve got some great posts here. Do you accept guest posts? I’d love to write one for you.

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