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J’s Current Workout

Best muscle building programLately I’ve gotten quite a few questions related to my current workout.  I was hesitant to talk about it too much since I wanted to wait and see if I was getting good results before I posted anything on the Self Health Atlas.

The Results Are In…

And I could not be happier.  For the past six months I have been using Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building program and I can now say with complete honesty that it is a highly effective program and I give it my strongest recommendation. Follow this link to view photos of my transformation while using this program: Visual Impact Progression.

You can also read the most comprehensive workout review of Visual Impact Muscle Building here: Visual Impact Muscle Building Review.

What is Visual Impact?

Visual Impact was developed by one of my favorite fitness bloggers, Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book.  If you spend any amount of time on his blog you’ll find out for yourself why he gets so much respect.  His specialty is helping people achieve what he calls the “lean Hollywood look.”  His program is designed to help people look more like Brad Pitt, not bulky body builders.

His program consists of three two-month phases: growth, density, and definition (plus he throws in a bonus phase that will really help make your muscles ‘pop’).  He provides a rich explanation for each phase and even provides a few tweaks to the phases based on what you’re looking for.

Besides giving you a prescriptive workout program, he also provides solid information on supplements, eating for muscle building, and dieting for fat loss.  You’ll get free access to ‘special reports’ Rusty puts together as he discovers more and better ways for building muscle, printable workout charts, and a 227 page exercise demonstrations book that will help give you ideas on which exercises you want to use for his program.

What is so great about Visual Impact?

What I like best about Visual Impact (besides the results) is that Rusty makes a concerted effort to educate you about muscle building and he shows you how you can tweak his program to achieve the exact results you want.   Do you want to build size in your chest, but increase definition and tone of your biceps and triceps?  He’ll show you exactly how to do that.  Do you want to add thickness to your back but not to your legs?  He’ll teach you how to do that, too.  I have learned a lot about muscle building through this program; and, after six months, I can say that the program Rusty developed will give you great results.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Here is some proof of the results that can be achieved with this program.

Is there anything you didn’t like about the program?

I know that this is a glowing review of Visual Impact, but it does have one big drawback.  To truly follow Rusty’s program, you are probably going to need to spend more than one hour in the gym each time you workout.  I know that for some this can be a problem.  I prefer to keep my workouts to 45 minutes, but this is simply not possible if you follow Rusty’s program exactly as it is outlined.  Of course, he does teach you how to tweak his program so there are ways to make it work for you.

How much cash am I going to have to fork over to get this program?

Right now Rusty is selling Visual Impact for $47.  This is less than the average price of one hour with a personal trainer, and much less than one month’s fee at most gyms.  With this one-time payment you will learn how to build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt a lean, muscular body.  You’ll have a 6-month program to follow and then you can go back and repeat the cycles as often as you like in order to continue to improve your physique.  I definitely feel it was money well spent.

Click on the video below to get some free info from Rusty on building muscle and getting shrink wrapped abs…

Visual Impact

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