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Disclosure Statement

Our goal in developing this blog is to provide you with tips, guidance, and advice that will allow you to be successful in your efforts to achieve your health and fitness goals.  Through a lot of hard work and a lot of research we have been able to reach our own goals, but it has required a lot of hard work and it has taken a lot of trial and error.  We want there to be a better way for you.  We want to provide you all of the information you will need to be successful.  To help you, we started writing down our best tips and strategies in this blog.

Now we have been noticed.

From time to time people in the fitness industry contact us and ask us to review their product on our website.  Some offers, but definitely not all, include a free sample of their product.  We may not always mention if or when we have received a free sample of the product for review.  However, we assure you that no matter how we receive the product (paid or unpaid) we only write our honest opinions and we only share our real experience with using the product.  We take your readership seriously and it would take a lot more than a free eBook or sample headband to get us to sacrifice our integrity or our commitment to you.

For your convenience, we often provide links that lead you to other websites that sell products we discuss on this blog.  In most cases, if you purchase something from a website after clicking on one of our links we will get a commission.  This is the product owner’s way of thanking us for sending them new business.   Again, we assure you that the potential of receiving these commissions in no way alters our expressed view or opinion of the products.

So, we sometimes get paid or receive products for free because we run this blog.  This in no way affects what we say or the advice that we give.  Trust us, we have invested a lot more money than we have made on this blog.

That is as it should be because our purpose at the Self Health Atlas is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  Here is to your success!


This policy is valid from October 1, 2010.


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