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Mar 23 / Jeremy & Kim

The Only Fast Weight Loss Diet

Intermittent FastingThere are a million different companies out there trying to sell you the next ‘magic pill’ when it comes to fast weight loss.  New fad diets are constantly popping up online and in the news.  Well, we are going to do something we call spitting truth.  When it comes to weight loss, less food is always the answer.  No, you do not need to be taking hunger suppressants or eating fifty grapefruits per day.  No, you don’t have to switch to a no-fat diet or a high-protein diet.  You simply need to eat less.  The only question you need to ask yourself is this: What is the best way for me to ensure I eat less?  Below we are going to describe what, in our opinion, is healthiest and most sustainable way to lose fat.  It is the only fast weight loss diet you ever need to know.  Note: the emphasis on ‘fast’ is important.

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Mar 10 / Jeremy & Kim

Workouts for Women at Home

ab workout for women at homeThe biggest obstacle that often prevents women from fully committing to a resistance training routine is the general belief that you have to go to a gym to get a good workout.  There are various reasons why women do not like going to the gym.   Some just don’t have time since they are working a full time job and taking care of their kids (often their husband, too).  Others are just not comfortable doing resistance training at the gym since they have to work around big sweaty men who get in the way and make them feel weak for using such small dumbbells.  Well, we want to help you out.  Inspired by what we have learned from the home workout section of Visual Impact for Women, we are going to teach you how to get a full workout without having to go to a gym.  Instead, you can complete all three of these workouts for women at home. Continue reading “Workouts for Women at Home” »

Mar 3 / Jeremy

Weight Training to Build Muscle

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Lifting weights for bigger musclesA lot of people first start lifting weights because they are interested in increasing the size of their muscles, and there are a lot of different theories out there about the best way to use weight training to build muscle.  In this post I am going to lay out the approach to building bigger muscles that has worked best for me.  If you follow a workout plan that utilizes the  methods outlined below then you will see results.

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Mar 1 / Jeremy & Kim

Exercise on the Road

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Our jobs require that we do a lot of traveling.  The nature of our jobs also means that we are traveling to locations that do not have hotels with fancy gyms full of the state of the art equipment.  Heck, we’re lucky to get a queen size bed and hot water.  We are constantly faced with the challenge of figuring out how to exercise on the road.  The lack of a gym as well as the relatively small rooms that are available to us when we are in the field used to be detrimental to our weight lifting workout routines, meaning we didn’t do any resistance training at all while traveling.  Well, those days are long gone.  We have two different ways in which you can get a killer resistance training workout without having to leave the comfort of hotel room (regardless of the size of the room).  We also have a free report for you from one of our favorite fitness experts.

Exercise while traveling[When you are vacationing here, where do you think they keep the gym?]

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Feb 23 / Jeremy & Kim

Alcohol and Weight Loss

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Calories in AlcoholConsuming alcohol is a common aspect of many people’s lives, whether it is a glass of wine with dinner, happy hour with friends, or a Friday night blow out.  But what if you are serious about losing weight?  Does your fat loss plan necessitate that you decline the invitation to your friend’s party or commit to drinking only soda water with lime at happy hour?  Does it make a difference if you drink light beer or regular beer?  Is liquor loaded with calories and sugar?  Are some choices healthier than others?  Let’s discuss various options and see if we can make some recommendations for those who choose to consume  alcohol  while trying to lose weight.

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Feb 7 / Jeremy & Kim

A More Effective Cardio Workout

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Cardio workouts have always been one of the most popular methods people choose when they want to lose weight.  Unfortunately, most people simply throw on their jogging shoes, head out the door, and do a slow, steady-state jog anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  This is simply not the best cardio for weight loss.  However, if you really love doing long runs, then we have come across a way to make these workouts much more effective.  Below we’re going to outline steps you can take to accelerate fat burning and have a more effective cardio workout.

workout routines for women[The simple strategy we tell you about below will help you burn a lot more fat while taking long runs through the the grassy fields!]

Feb 2 / Jeremy

Weight Training for Strength

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Strength TrainingAs I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am a big fan of weight training for strength gains as opposed to just lifting to gain size.  If you’re not yet sure the difference between lifting for strength versus lifting for size then check out the Truth About Repetition Ranges and come right back.    Below I want to go into a bit more detail about what it means to train for strength and what I believe is the best way to actualize your potential for tremendous strength gains.

Bigger is not necessarily stronger

Many people believe that the stronger you are, the bigger your muscles.  As it turns out, this isn’t necessarily true.  Take the guy I told you about in our Strength Training and Protein post who admitted that I was stronger than him though his muscles were bigger than mine.  The fastest way to train for size is by achieving cumulative fatigue through high repetitions, multiples sets for each body part, and training to failure.  The objective is to tear their muscles down as much as possible leading to hypertrophy muscle growth.  For many people, this is the only way they train.  Their goal is to get their muscles to grow as large as possible.  Weight lifters who train this way year round will put on some serious size, but their muscles will look round and puffy.  Weight lifter who focus on strength gains will not see the same increase in muscle size as the year goes on, but they will have a more chiseled look and their muscles will feel dense and hard.

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Feb 1 / Jeremy & Kim

Finally, a Fitness Program for Women

Visual Impact for Women Rusty Moore

Look, we do not normally do this, but there is a new workout program strictly for women that was just launched and we are really excited about it.  If you are female you have probably noticed the dearth of quality fitness information available to you on the Internet. Most fitness blogs are targeted towards men who are looking to gain massive amounts of muscle.  The female fitness blogs that do exist seem to care more about bombarding you with fitness shopping catalogues than actually giving you quality advice.  Well, what we are about to show you is different.  This new program, called Visual Impact for Women, was developed by someone we have tremendous respect for and if you’ve been reading our blog then you’ve heard his name, Rusty Moore. Rusty runs the health and fitness blog Fitness Black Book which we recommend you check out.  He has tons of valuable information on his blog for free.  Last year he released a Visual Impact muscle building course for men.  Now its the women’s turn to take advantage of all he has to offer.

One of the biggest reasons we like Rusty so much is because he is willing to go against the grain.  For example, he has been criticized by muscle building magazines and online forums for telling men it is okay not focus a lot of time and energy into building leg muscles.  His site is all about teaching people how to achieve that lean, slim, Hollywood look.  His advice is intended to help you get toned without getting huge!  For many women, this is a major concern when it comes to working out.  You want to be slim and fit, but you don’t want bulky muscles.  Rusty has made a point to teach you how to do just that.

Below is a glimpse of what is to come in his Visual Impact for Women course.  We can’t believe how much content he has crammed into this one course.  He touches on everything: dieting, cardio workouts, weight training, yoga, and he even teaches you how to strategically lose muscle mass on purpose if you feel you have too much bulky muscle in certain places. Continue reading “Finally, a Fitness Program for Women” »

Feb 1 / Jeremy

Strength Training and Protein

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The other day I was lifting at the gym and a funny thing happened.  A man in his late forties approached me and not in an unfriendly way said, “You are able to lift much heavier weights than I can, but you are very small.”  Not quite sure if this was supposed to be a compliment (I can lift heavier weights than him) or an insult (I am ‘very small’) I just chuckled and tried to take his statement as good-naturedly as possible.  Sensing that maybe his statement was being taken the wrong way he clarified by saying, “I think you need more protein.”  At which point I laughed a bit harder and responded, “Maybe I’ll give that a try.”

Build Strength without Size

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Jan 27 / Jeremy & Kim

Tracking Progress – Body Fat Caliper

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accu-measure body fat caliperOnce you’ve committed to losing fat it is important that you are able to track your progress.  Knowing that you are finding success in your fat loss methods is great motivation to keep going while finding out if you’re not making much progress is important so that you can tweak your fat loss plan.  Most people simply rely on a scale to tell them about their progress.  This is ok as long as you follow the rules of our previous tracking progress blog post, Rules of the Scale.  But there is a better way to tracking your progress and it will not cost you a lot of money.  It’s called a body fat caliper.

The reason why the body fat caliper is superior to the scale is that it will tell you exactly how much fat you have lost.  Whereas a scale may show a decrease in weight, you are not quite sure if that decrease is the result of losing fat or losing lean mass.  The body fat caliper will let you know if the weight you are losing is fat. Continue reading “Tracking Progress – Body Fat Caliper” »